Paint Buckets

Preparing Your Home For Sale

Will a can of paint amount to thousands of dollars added to your sales price? It could. Because while you know your home is valuable, sometimes all it takes is a few little improvements to help potential buyers see it too. Here are some quick tips to get you started with the sale of your home.



Paint Supplies


When was the last time you repainted? Buyers tend to respond best to neutral colors. If you have wallpaper, it should be removed. Also, repair any holes or cracks in the ceilings.

Moving House


Does each room of your house feel spacious? What about your garage? Clean and clutter-free makes a great first impression on buyers.

White and Yellow Living Room


Too much furniture can make a room look smaller while too little can make it feel cold and uninviting. Lighting is also an important element of staging. Make sure your lights are in good condition and are always on for showings (I can help you with this as well).

Suburban House


A fresh coat of paint really can make any exterior look new again.


Curb Appeal

An attractive exterior can be a major selling point. Make sure your front, back and side yards are well maintained. Take a look at what major and minor repairs might be needed.

relaxing corner outdoor furniture

Patio & Deck

Set up the patio as if your friends were coming over for a barbecue.

Home Inspection

Depending on what year your house was built, an inspection will determine that items such as your furnace, roof, windows and foundation are in good condition (I can recommend someone).

Most buyers will get an inspection as part of their purchase, but having one done before hand will ease the minds of potential buyers and take away the stress of a "surprise" during negotiations.

Paint Buckets
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