First Time Home Buyer

Buying a house can be overwhelming, especially for a First Time Buyer. I am here to help. Here are some things to get you started on your home purchasing journey.

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Calculate Savings

Your Savings

Do you have enough money saved to qualify for a mortgage, cover your down payment and pay closing costs?

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Your Credit

Obtain a copy of your credit report
to make sure it is accurate and to correct any errors immediately.

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Pre Approval

Determine your mortgage qualifications. You’ll know what you can afford and be able to focus on homes in your price range.

Credit Assessment

Other Sources

Do you qualify for special mortgage or down payment assistance? You can use money from your IRA to buy your first home with no penalty for early withdrawal.

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Your Wish List

Develop and then prioritize the features on your home wish list. Identify the neighborhoods you like.

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Unexpected Expenses

Set aside 1-3% of your purchase price to cover unexpected fees and expenses.

Real Estate and Lifestyle Planning Guide

Lifestyle Planning

It's important to know your needs and wants when looking for a home.

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Prepare For House Hunting

Not all agents are Realtors. Its important to know the difference and why it pays to work with a Realtor.

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